The Learning Philosophy In Action

The Learning Philosophy is the DNA of Activate Learning, creating a strong organisational culture.

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The Learning Philosophy is the DNA of Activate Learning, creating a strong organisational culture. It doesn’t matter where we work in Activate Learning, the role we play or the level at which we work, the Learning Philosophy applies to us all, just as it applies to our learners and the employers we serve. We have already had some early adopters of the Learning Philosophy, many of whom were recognised by the new Learning Philosophy Awards during the 2022-23 academic year, and this will continue.

As we continue our journey to become an extraordinary, highly resilient and sustainable organisation, that delivers an outstanding and consistent quality and relevant education to all the communities we serve, let us please all contribute positively to our organisational culture by understanding, embracing, living and breathing our Learning Philosophy.

Our Learning Philosophy

When we launched our Learning Philosophy in 2014, shortly after Oxford Chervell Valley College merged with Reading College to form Activate Learning, we knew we were embarking on the start of a transformational journey to accelerate the learning and progress made by our current and future learners.

We set out to bring our understanding of neuroscience into the classrooms of our further education colleges and create an educational experience that places every learner’s unique needs at the centre of their learning experience.

By basing our approach around the three elements of Brain, Motivation and Emotions, it has allowed us to work with our students in a holistic way, supporting their emotional needs alongside their educational ones too.

We believe that education is not just about acquiring knowledge, but also about developing transferable skills and attributes that will enable you to succeed and thrive in your future personal and professional life.

We also believe that learning should be a lifelong ambition, so by working with our learners we support and challenge them to achieve their potential and motivate them to push themselves to succeed in their chosen career pathway.

Over the past nine years, we have worked tirelessly at embedding the Learning Philosophy across all areas of the organisation, moving it from a high-level strategic philosophy to a real, lived approach, which is brought to life by staff teams and with groups of students in the classroom. The Learning Philosophy has become an integral part of our organisation, and has come to represent more than our approach to teaching, learning and assessment.