Learning Philosophy in Action Online

Providing high-quality teaching and learning that puts learners at the centre of its delivery

Activate Learning’s AoC Beacon Award-winning online learning programme has been successful in providing high-quality teaching and learning that puts learners at the centre of its delivery.

Although the programme was initially designed to address skills needs and widening participation in healthcare-related provision, it has since expanded to include online maths and English GCSEs, as well as new pre-GCSE progression programmes. The online programme was designed with the Learning Philosophy at its core, as we recognised that in order to be successful, it needed to breakdown barriers that had traditionally stood in people’s way. This included those with physical and learning disabilities, who may have struggled to access education previously.

The Learning Philosophy sets out the idea that anyone can change their lives through learning and the only barriers that stand in someone’s way are a lack of self-belief and motivation to learn. The online model of delivery has proven popular with working parents, who don’t have time to engage with traditional, classroom-based delivery and need more flexibility.

The model blends pre-recorded lessons and live group-based sessions, with live captions making it accessible to hard of hearing and deaf learners. It has also provided sign language assistance to a learner online, providing opportunities that previously wouldn’t have been available in a traditional setting.

The Learning Philosophy looks at the dynamic between the brain, motivation, and emotions in learning. So, the way we deliver our online learning is designed to support our learners’ growth and development, with constant, timely feedback that is specific to the areas where they need to improve.

There are similar levels of support in place for those on Access to HE programmes and the newly formed pre-GCSE courses.

Our award-winning online learning programme is changing lives and delivering outcomes beyond anyone else in the sector, due to our unique Learning Philosophy-based approach. By placing the learner and their needs at the centre of everything we do, the programme has removed barriers to education and provided personalised support, resulting in sector-leading results.

Preeti Mahajan - Learning Philosophy in Action for Online

Preeti Mahajan, Head of Online Projects at Activate Learning for 15 years, emphasises the learning philosophy's alignment with a growth mindset. She believes it provides hope and positivity, enabling continuous improvement. Preeti applies these principles by seeking support for her emotions and focusing on scaffolding and supporting adult learners in creating a safe space for growth. Activate Learning's emphasis on cognitive neuroscience and personalized learning sets them apart, allowing every learner to reach their potential with the right support.


Our vision is to propel Activate Learning as a Digital-First organisation, at the forefront of digital innovation
and efficiencies in teaching, learning and assessment, curriculum design and business practices. We are committed to developing our staff’s digital knowledge, skills and mindset, ensuring they are equipped to support and empower our learners effectively. We aim to provide an outstanding student digital experience, which develops their digital mindset, resilience and curiosity. Our intent is to transform lives through digitally empowering learners, and building a talent pipeline of suitably skilled, employable learners, equipping
them with the digital competencies and confidence to thrive. Technology and neuroscience are two of our strategic drivers.

Our approach focuses on developing the digital knowledge, skills and mindset of our staff, to enable them to provide our students with personalised learning opportunities to gain feedback, practice and deepen their skills and understanding online. This also means removing traditional barriers by providing access anytime, anywhere, and n any device on campus, online, through extended realities or through work experience. When curating digital assets, a rigorous quality procedure is followed to guarantee accessibility for all staff and learners, irrespective of their learning needs.

The way we approach the design of our online modules hosted on Activate Learning Online (ALO) is by following instructional design methodologies that create an impactful and motivating learning experience. We recognise that learners have unique needs and we aim to offer a learner-centred approach that offers both personalisation and differentiation. This is mainly achieved by designing interactive and engaging elements that will encourage
learners to think critically, solve problems and collaborate with one another. This also means leveraging the technology to make the most out of modern tools and platforms.

4.8 out of 5 satisfaction score

In our learner surveys conducted with 563 students, we scored an average score of 4.8 out of 5 for satisfaction and a 4.7 for the emotional support we provided