Activate Learning and Blumenthal

Uniting culinary artistry with the three pillars of the Learning Philosophy

In the realm of culinary education, where creativity, passion, and practicality converge, Activate Learning has embarked on a ground-breaking collaboration with renowned chef Heston Blumenthal. 

Together, we have crafted a curriculum for our hospitality and professional cookery provision, seamlessly incorporating Heston’s expertise and Activate Learning’s Learning Philosophy.

This symbiotic relationship between culinary artistry and educational principles has given rise to a truly transformative learning experience for our aspiring culinary professionals.

By incorporating Heston’s ideas into the curriculum, Activate Learning ensures that students’ intellectual curiosity is nurtured and their minds are challenged, laying a solid foundation for lifelong learning. It also ensures that students develop a deep appreciation for the transformative power of culinary artistry, and students are equipped with the drive and determination needed to excel.

The collaboration between Activate Learning and Heston Blumenthal exemplifies the powerful interplay between culinary artistry and educational philosophy. By incorporating Heston’s expertise and ideas into Activate Learning’s three pillars of the Learning Philosophy, Brain, Emotions, and Motivation, the curriculum for hospitality and professional cookery provision goes beyond the traditional boundaries, empowering students to become innovative, emotionally intelligent, and motivated culinary professionals.