Our staff and the learning philosophy

At Activate Learning, we are proud to celebrate the achievements of our colleagues, which are the key to our success.

Our Learning Philosophy is the golden thread unique to Activate Learning, and these behaviours deserve recognition.

Our Learning Philosophy Awards are a platform to recognise and reward those colleagues who have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to living our Learning Philosophy in practice. Each month, colleagues across the organisations nominate other members of staff, detailing how they implement the Learning Philosophy in practice in their jobs. This can refer to staff who:

  • Are committed to their own professional development and how they develop their own neural pathways.
  • Create safe working environments where team members are encouraged to take risks and learn from their mistakes.
  • Motivate their teams to achieve their best

Jemma Coleman, Contact Centre Admissions Team Leader

“Jemma displays a high level of professionalism and customer focus through her work with faculties and customers alike. She has been proactive in her onboarding of new starters and solutions focused on her approach working with the Talent team to attract new staff. Jemma is self-aware and is always looking for and accepting of feedback on ways to improve her management and leadership style"

Eva Oliver - Our Staff and Learning Philosophy

As the Internal Communications Manager for Activate Learning, Eva believes in the significance of the learning philosophy as it provides a framework for the organisation to focus on empowering staff and supporting students in achieving their best. She emphasises the impact of emotions on personal growth and effective relationships, benefiting both herself and others.

Eva applies this philosophy at open events to create a supportive and welcoming environment for prospective students and parents, regardless of their educational background or experience. She finds the learning philosophy universally applicable, regardless of one's role or tenure, as it helps individuals strive to be the best and enhance their interactions with others

Taylor Smith, Animal Management Team Leader

“Taylor includes all aspects of the Learning Philosophy in his planning and delivering of the Animal Care sessions, both theory and practical. He is very keen for our students to leave Animal Care with a strong basis of the attributes, so they can transfer easily into working life or the next stage in their lives. He has designed several information sheets to help the Level 1 and Level 2 students understand the attributes."