Maximising the power of technology in education

We are committed to developing our staff’s digital knowledge, skills and mindset, ensuring they are equipped to support and empower our learners effectively

Today’s students and staff will have to respond with agility over their lifetime to shifting market environments and fast-changing developments in technology.

Our vision is to propel Activate Learning as a Digital-First organisation, at the forefront of digital innovation and efficiencies in teaching, learning and assessment, curriculum design and business practices.

We are committed to developing our staff’s digital knowledge, skills and mindset, ensuring they are equipped to support and empower our learners effectively. We aim to provide an outstanding student digital experience, which develops their digital mindset, resilience and curiosity. Our intent is to transform lives through digitally empowering learners, and building a talent pipeline of suitably skilled, employable learners, equipping them with the digital competencies and confidence to thrive.

Virtual Reality Learning

Virtual Reality (VR) learning has strong links to our Learning Philosophy and employability skills, preparing our learners for success in their chosen career pathway. Research has shown that learners feel 40% more confident when studying using VR compared to classroom training. This results in VR training being completed four times faster than in-classroom training.

This year, we have developed a fully immersive Virtual Reality experience, delivered with a DJI Mavic Pro Drone, which features the latest, state-of-the-art technology, which will benefit all Construction learners at Activate Learning. It will also potentially support learners across 170 partner colleges via the Blended Learning Consortium, of which Activate Learning is a member.

Our emotional response

This year we incorporated technology and the Learning Philosophy through the use of the Immersive Spaces to promote relaxation and reduce stress, especially in the run-up to the exam period. Students have reported that the sensory assets have helped in decreasing their pre-exam anxiety.

At Activate Learning, we recognise the importance of our learners’ mental health and wellbeing. We intend to utilise AI solutions to develop resources and coping strategies, fostering a mentally-healthy atmosphere, helping our students to manage their emotions.

We know the research is showing where jobs become automated with AI, humans will need to focus on using their superpowers of emotional intelligence in the jobs of the future. By combining the Learning Philosophy at Activate Learning with AI-driven solutions for mental health support, students can benefit from a more comprehensive and compassionate learning experience. AI becomes a valuable tool in promoting mental wellbeing, creating inclusive learning environments, and ensuring that students have the necessary support to excel academically and emotionally.