The best thing about working at Activate Learning is meeting such a wide range of people every day. It’s always busy here and no two days are the same.

I’m a qualified chef and I’ve been cooking for over 20 years, but I wanted to move into a management role. This catering manager role came up and I was really drawn to the job and the business, so I applied!

The thing I enjoy most about the role is the organization; everybody is on the same page and things run smoothly. I think I’ve made a great career move as this is such a hard-working team, with so many different personalities, but we are all so supportive of one another. Not everyone is the same and that’s great when it comes to contributing to the business; everyone has a different opinion, a different strength and we’re able to balance out each other’s weaknesses in that way. Because of that, we all have a shared respect for one another, so that really helps with teamwork as everybody is confident to have their say yet also receive constructive criticism. It’s great when we have students working with us and we are able to show them that that is how you need to work in a professional environment: treating everyone with respect.