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Social care

Enjoy a combination of academic and experience based study preparing you for a career in social care.

With a growing and ageing population, we are increasingly dependent on social care.

Our industry-specific social care programmes will prepare you to progress in this incredibly rewarding industry. You will be trained to join this sector, where you can make a real difference to your community and help people. 

Social care is about helping people with disabilities or learning difficulties, the elderly and children, to lead comfortable and fulfilling lives. 

Initially, you will learn about professional practice and gain a broad introduction to the field and fundamental skills of social care practice. You will undertake a principles of care study and practical work in a variety of settings. You will produce projects and assignments based on realistic workplace situations and supervised work experience.

Our social care programmes and apprenticeships could lead you to many rewarding careers, such as:

  • counselling
  • social work
  • mental health
  • education
  • residential care worker
  • criminology


Social care - Learn how to use therapeutic and communication skills to care for vulnerable, infirm or elderly people. We focus on a real life working environment, with work experience opportunities when relevant. 


We offer qualifications from Level 1 (equivalent to GCSEs grades D-F or 3-1) up to Level 3 (equivalent to A-levels). 


Enjoy a combination of classroom-based and practical experience. We expect students to take part in work experience one day a week throughout their programme, which is over and above the required level. We believe it makes learners more employable, that it helps to put you ahead of the competition when applying to university, and ultimately makes for a better social care professional.

Career pathways

A career pathway is a series of building blocks that will take you to your future career. This helps us equip you with the skills, attributes and knowledge that future employers want, giving you a greater chance of success.

Our career pathway maps will show you the best routes through college, higher education and employment and into the most popular industry sectors.

Industry partnerships 

We work in close partnership with the NHS in Berkshire and Oxfordshire, the local authorities, care providers and day care centres, as well as charities such as RESPONSE. The charity specialises on mental health provision, offering work placements, delivering mental health awareness training and providing career opportunities to students when they qualify.

Case study 

Greta Kazlauskaite - Health and Social Care Level 3 Extended Diploma

In May 2017, students from Reading College held a thank you lunch for local employers who had provided Services to the Public students with work experience placements.

Greta Kazlauskaite, a Health and Social Care Level 3 Extended Diploma student, who helped organise the event, said: “When I started my work experience I found being around elderly people with dementia very challenging.

“Thankfully the Eton House staff were very supportive and helped me to get involved with running activities for the residents. My communication skills have soared.”