Higher Education

Transforming lives through learning.

At Activate Learning we offer a range of higher education qualifications from HNCs and HNDs to Foundation Degrees, PGCEs and top-ups for BA and BSc Degrees.

Activate Learning has been recognised for its focus on employability by the Quality Assurance Agency and ensures that every programme of study provides opportunities for students to develop the employability skills needed for a successful career in their chosen subject.

Our Foundation degrees, PGCE and BA/BSc top-up programmes are awarded by partner universities including Oxford Brookes, University of Reading, University of Greenwich, and Kingston University.

Our Higher National Certificates (HNC) and Diplomas (HND) are awarded by Pearson.

Activate Learning offers high-quality teaching and learning outcomes for its students and has been awarded TEF (Teaching Excellence Framework) Silver award by the Office for Students.

All programmes provide learners with work-based learning opportunities supported by employers, external organisations and/or professional practitioners, and significantly enhance students’ employability skills and progression opportunities. Plus, there’s funding options to help spread the financial costs.

Activate Learning maintains relatively small group sizes to provide opportunities for a more personalised learning experience which supports you as an individual. Our tuition fees are very competitive and our teaching, learning and assessment methods are designed to develop your academic as well as employability skills, such as communication, teamwork and problem-solving.

Find out more about our Higher Education programmes, support and finance help in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, and Surrey by clicking on the college of your choice below and visiting their individual website.

Our policies

Access and Participation Plan

The Office for Students describes Access and Participation plans:

Access and participation plans set out how higher education providers will improve equality of opportunity for underrepresented groups to access, succeed in and progress from higher education.

They include:

  • the provider’s ambition for change
  • what it plans to do to achieve that change
  • the targets it has set
  • the investment it will make to deliver the plan

Activate Learning Access and Participation Plan 2019-2020

Activate Learning Access and Participation Plan 2020-2021

Access and Participation Monitoring Report

Student Protection Plan

The Higher Education and Research Act 2017 requires higher education providers to maintain a Student Protection Plan to protect students’ interests in the event of material change, e.g. programme changes, suspensions, closures, or institutional closure. These events may be triggered by situations such as (but not limited to) the following:

  • institutional closure
  • a strategic decision by Activate Learning to close a course or campus
  • withdrawal of designation for student support purposes
  • removal or suspension of the Tier 4 Sponsorship Licence
  • notice given by awarding body to close a course
  • loss of accreditation from regulatory bodies eg, PSRB
  • industrial action by staff or third parties
  • the unanticipated departure of key members of staff
  • changes to regulatory framework affecting a specific course

Download our HE student protection plan

Student Transfer Arrangements

All providers of higher education in England are required to publish student transfer arrangements in accordance with the Higher Education Research Act 2017 and Office for Students Regulatory Framework 2018 (Condition F2).

This plan explains our institutional arrangements for students to transfer between programmes of study or higher education providers in a manner that facilitates the continuation of study.

Download our HE student transfer arrangement plan

Transparency Return 2019

The information published on this page shows:

  • the number of applications for admission on to recognised, undergraduate higher education courses that we have received from UK domiciled applicants
  • the number of offers we have made in relation to those applications
  • the number of those offers accepted and the number of those who have registered with us
  • the number of students who attained a particular degree or other academic award, or a particular level of such an award, on completion of their course with us

It also shows these numbers by reference to:

  • the gender of the individuals to which they relate
  • their ethnicity
  • their socio-economic background

It is important to note that the data presented has not been contextualised. This means, for example, that you will not be able to see from this data how many of those applying to courses met the entry criteria. It is also the case that universities and colleges will often receive many more applications than they have spaces on courses and so offer rates will necessarily be lower than application rates in those circumstances.

Our HE transparency return 2019

Our HE transparency return 2021

Assessment procedures for Higher National qualifications

The Assessment Procedures for Higher National programmes are designed to safeguard the quality and academic standards of assessment practice for the benefit of learners and to ensure that learners have access to redress if they require it.

Assessment Procedures for Higher National Qualifications

Assessment Appeals Procedure for Higher National Qualifications

Assessment Board procedure for Higher National Assessment Boards

Recognition of Prior Learning Procedure

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a method of assessment [leading to the award of credit] that considers whether learners can demonstrate that they can meet the assessment requirements for a unit through knowledge, understanding or skills they already possess and do not need to develop through a course of learning.

Recognition of Prior Learning Procedure

Procedure for approval of new Higher Education provision

Activate Learning is committed to ensuring that all higher education provision within the Group continues to meet the needs of employers and students, is of high quality, and enables students to progress to employment and/or further study.

This procedure applies to the development of all higher education programmes, including those which form part of a higher or degree apprenticeship. The procedure has been written in accordance with the Expectations and Guiding principles outlined in the ‘Course Design and Development’ section of the UK Quality Code for Higher Education.

Procedure for approval of new Higher Education provision

Periodic review of Higher National Programmes procedure

Activate Learning is committed to ensuring that the academic standards of the Higher National programmes it delivers are maintained and that the quality of learning opportunities provided for students on these programmes is enhanced through regular monitoring and periodic review.

All Higher Education programmes are required to undergo a Periodic Review in line with the Quality Assurance Agency’s UK Quality Code (Monitoring and Evaluation). For franchised programmes, this is undertaken by the awarding University.

Periodic review of Higher National Programmes procedure

Procedure for the closure of a Higher Education programme

Activate Learning is committed to protecting the interests of students, applicants and its own reputation in the event of the closure of a Higher Education programme to new entrants. These procedures have been established to provide a clear statement of the arrangements to secure both the quality of provision and the student experience following a decision to close a programme. The Student Protection Plan provides the main reference point for consideration of any potential impact on the student experience.
With the exception of Activate Learning being given notice to close a programme by one of its awarding bodies, the decision to close a programme will be made by the Group Higher Education Academic Board.

Procedure for the closure of a Higher Education programme

Procedure for approving information related to Higher Education provision

Activate Learning is committed to ensuring that published information is accessible, accurate, complete and timely in order that existing and potential students and other intended audiences are able to form an accurate impression of the higher education provision offered across the Group and to make informed decisions.

Procedure for approving information related to Higher Education provision