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Motor vehicle

More than 400,000 people working in the motor vehicle industry across England - a growing industry, in need of a skilled workforce. Want to be part of it?

Enrol on a motor vehicle programme to get the skills you need for a career in this exciting industry.  

The motor vehicle industry keeps everybody moving. Specialist skills in motor vehicle are needed by private individuals and industries such as, public transport, HGV, retail delivery, breakdown recovery, emergency services and motorsports.

Study with us and you’ll train in a real garage workshop, working on real cars. Whether you do an apprenticeship or a full-time programme, you’ll face new challenges and stretch your abilities in a realistic  and supportive working environment. 

Develop your skills in motor vehicle servicing with hands-on work which gives you all the basics from engine lubrication to valeting. The course combines practical skills and theory so you can build on your enthusiasm and make good progress in your training.

If you love making things work – whether by dismantling and reassembling parts or checking faults via computer diagnostics, our motor vehicle and cycle maintenance pathway has something for you.

Our motor vehicle programmes can lead you to exciting careers in:

  • dealerships (cars, motorcycles, trucks) – parts, showroom, office

  • body repair – workshop, paint shop, body fitting, parts department
  • independent garage – workshop, parts department, MOT bay, showroom
  • mobile specialist roles – roadside assistance, technician, electrical installation
  • parts – sales, advisor, rep
  • leasing and renting – technician, inspector, valetor, driver


  • Motor vehicle and maintenance - Become an expert in vehicle servicing, from engine lubrication to valeting, building on to diagnosis and rectification of faults in vehicle systems.


We offer qualifications from Level 1 (equivalent to GCSEs grades D-F or 3-1) to Level 3 (equivalent to A-levels).


You will learn in our real garage workshops within our motor vehicle centere, using the latest engine diagnostic facilities and vehicle lifts, supported by industry experienced teachers who are on hand to offer insights and tips from their careers in the motor vehicle industry.

Facilities include hybrid vehicle diagnostic equipment and the latest vehicle lifts. We have also been fortunate to receive donations of new vehicles, from manufacturers including Hyundai, to offer students the chance to train on a range of engines.

Career pathways

A career pathway is a series of building blocks that will take you to your future career. This helps equip you with the skills, attributes and knowledge that future employers want, giving you a greater chance of success.

Our career pathway maps will show you the best routes through college, higher education and employment and into the most popular industry sectors.

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Industry partnerships

Our motor vehicle programmes are developed in partnership with BMW MINI. We also work in partnership with Hyundai, giving our learners the chance to train on newly registered vehicles. 

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