Classic vehicle restoration and maintenance

Develop the skills you need for a career restoring and maintaining classic vehicles at the esteemed Bicester Heritage site.

Enrol on a classic vehicle restoration programme to get the skills you need for a career in this exciting industry.  

This unique pathway includes the country’s only full-time programmes in classic vehicle restoration. These programmes have been designed in partnership with the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs, to meet a growing skills gap in this lucrative industry.

This programme is designed for individuals who are employed or have an interest in classic vehicle restoration. You will develop the skills you need for a career in restoring and maintaining classic vehicles and the programme consists of a series of practical assessments, written assessments and on-line tests.

The programme will develop your restoration skills to an advanced level, in preparation for entering the workplace. Students get access to a broad range of classic and historic vehicles. If you love making things work – whether by dismantling and reassembling parts or checking faults via computer diagnostics, our classic vehicle restoration and maintenence pathway has something for you.


  • Classic vehicle restoration and maintenance  - Acquire the skills needed to restore and maintain classic and historical vehicles at the prestigious Bicester Heritage. 

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With our programmes, you can progress from Level 2 (equivalent to GCSEs in grades A-C or 9-4) to Level 3 (equivalent to A-levels).


We work in partnership with Bicester Heritage - the UK’s only centre dedicated to the restoration, storage and enjoyment of vintage and classic cars, motorcycles and aeroplanes. Follow an apprenticeship or full-time programme in classic vehicle restoration for your opportunity to learn in this unique environment, surrounded by industry experts, suppliers and classic vehicle enthusiasts. 

Study with us and you’ll train in a real garage workshop, working on real cars. Whether you do an apprenticeship or a full-time programme, you’ll face new challenges and stretch your abilities in a realistic and supportive working environment. Our teachers offer insights and tips from their careers in the motor vehicle industry.

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Industry partnerships

Our classic vehicle apprenticeships are developed and delivered in partnership with the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs and with Bicester Heritage. Motor vehicle programmes are developed in partnership with BMW MINI.