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Victoria (Media)

Vicky Waterman is studying Media Production and Technology at City of Oxford College. At the time of writing, she is making a documentary film on the after effects of abuse as part of her programme. 

Vicky first heard of City of Oxford College through her sister, who studied there before attending university after graduation.  

After Vicky attended an Open Event to meet the faculty members and see the facilities, and experiencing the practical aspects of the programme at two Taster Events, Vicky applied for the Media Production and Technology programme at Activate Learning. 

Vicky said about attending the college, “A lot of my friends stuck to studying at sixth form, but I was happy to come here. It was more of a challenge! I didn’t want to be held back by staying in my comfort zone.” 

Speaking about the difference between sixth form and college, Vicky said, “that the teachers didn’t have nearly as much passion at sixth form. While the film studies course at sixth form did sound alright, it wasn’t anywhere near as exciting or inclusive at the programme here at Activate Learning.  

 “You do a lot of practical work on this programme. I spent so long—years—doing my GCSEs and doing written work, I really wanted to explore the more practical side of studying.” 

Although there are a lot of practical elements to the course, there is, of course, still written theoretical work. This includes personal development in the shape of self-assessment and self-directed study of the Activate Learning Learner Attributes. 

The standout thing for Vicky on her programme is, “how it prepares us for university or working in the media industry. The course has really helped me to grow and I’ve become way more confident than I thought I’d be able to become.” 

Finally, asked whether she would recommend the college to others, Vicky said that,  

“I would definitely recommend the programme to others. I’ve had so much fun here. Not only is the course run really brilliantly, you’ve got an amazing set of teachers—especially our course leader, Matt Shelbourne. He’s really taught us so many skills. Not only just practical skills but how best to approach our work, how to become more independent and how to deal with our work load. I’ve never felt overwhelmed with it all as Matt’s taught us how to deal with the work.” 

Vicky intends to attend Brighton Film School after completing her studies.