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Ornella (Health and Social Care)

Ornella is graduating from Reading College’s Health and Social Care Level 3 Diploma.  

She first joined Reading College as a Level 1 Health and Social Care student and has worked her way up, so having been at the college for almost four years, she is somewhat of an authority on the college! 

She first became interested in Health and Social Care courses due to her desire to help people. Having been through a difficult period herself while growing up, she has long since wanted to give the kind of support she received back to others. After graduation, Ornella is hoping to find work as a children’s counsellor, before expanding her role to being a family counsellor. 

Ornella says that one of the best things about Reading College, that has really helped her grow as a person is her tutor, Sarah Williams. 

“She’s an amazing teacher! I've had her since Level 2. She's just been really amazing to me; she's helped me grow and become a better version of myself. She pushes me to try my hardest and takes me out of my comfort zone in a positive way. For example, I really struggled with my confidence at first, but Sarah prepares me for what she'll ask me in front of the class before each discussion and that helps me answer as best as I can. I would rarely contribute in class before, but now I have been given the confidence boost to do so. 

“I use those kinds of things to help me work through my Learner Attributes and make sure I apply them to my work placements too.” 

A large part of the health and social care Level 3 diplomas at Activate Learning is the emphasis put on work placements. Ornella found the opportunities helpful in allowing her to expand her skills and learning in a real-world setting. 

“I’ve been to nursery schools, primary schools and nursing homes. They weren’t all positive; I had a difficult time at one of my work placements, but the rest of my placements were really positive and enjoyable experiences. 

“Activate Learning was really helpful and supportive with the placements and I was able to talk to someone and get help with the placement that I wasn’t enjoying. I learned a lot from the experience too, so it wasn’t all negative. 

“My favourite placement was being back at my old primary school. There was one of my old teachers still there and a few teaching assistants and that was great as I had known them well. I really enjoyed it, but it was cut short because of the Covid-19 outbreak, which was a shame.” 

Despite the many duties she’s had to perform during her diplomas at Activate Learning, Ornella says that the recent addition of the virtual-reality suite at Reading College has been the stand-out experience. 

“My favourite part of the course so far was definitely the virtual reality care suite experience at Reading College. To go in and see all the parts of the human body in that special way was really incredible. The best part about being at the college though, was making some amazing and wonderful friends!” 

During her time with us, Ornella has made amazing friends and put in the hard work necessary to progress all the way from Level 1 to 3. She has made the most of her time here and would absolutely recommend it to others. 

“I would definitely recommend anyone to come to Reading College. It’s a really amazing environment in which to grow. I can definitely say that I am a completely different person than when I first came here.”