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Alex (A Levels)

A Levels in Politics, Sociology and Philosophy of Religion at City of Oxford College

Alex O’Connor studies Philosophy and Theology at St John’s College Oxford after completing his A Levels with Activate Learning.

After feeling that he had chosen the wrong options at school, Alex transferred to City of Oxford College to study politics, sociology and philosophy of religion.

Alex says: “My sociology teacher went above and beyond when taking care of their students, making real efforts to counter any stress they might have been feeling.”

“My teachers also helped me with references, personal statement advice and guidance with my university application essay.”

When asked about his advice for other students who may be considering an Oxbridge degree, Alex says: “There’s no point in being under the illusion that it is easy, and you may have to work harder than students from other establishments, but it is definitely possible if you put in the work.”

He adds: “Being at the college means that you are more independent. You are still pushed, but not with the same levels of stress or ferverence that you might get elsewhere.”

A keen blogger with almost a million views for clips on his YouTube channel, Alex is pursuing a writing career, specialising in religion and philosophy.