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Aaron (Construction)

From construction to computing

Aaron Cotterall’s pathway has seen him complete a BTEC Level 2 construction qualification, and later developing an interest in architecture and studying Level 3 in computer aided design (CAD). He hopes to combine these skills with a position at a building design company. 

Aaron, who studies at Bracknell and Wokingham College, received an achiever’s award for his construction coursework, which he completed ahead of deadline by managing him time and working from home. 

Aaron said: “construction offers so much, and if you’re someone like me who didn’t know what sector to go into, here at Bracknell they do a bit of everything. It opens your eyes to what’s out there and what’s available to you.” 

A dream to study architecture

As well as gaining his qualifications, Aaron also feels that being at college has helped him in his personal developmment.

He added: “my confidence has grown, quite a lot actually. I remember that when I first left secondary school I was quite shy, and kept myself to myself. These last three years that I’ve been here, I’ve opened up a lot more and met different people, which has just generally boosted my confidence.”