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Head of Campus - Student Experience at Guildford College

A warm welcome to our second Head of Campus - Student Experience update.   

It has been great to welcome students back from their Progress Review week and to hear of just how valuable our students found the opportunity to talk about their progress in college with their teachers. It really has provided a great focus as term one draws to a close and we approach term two. 

This week we had our first student representative focus group, an opportunity for students to give us feedback on college life. This was well attended, with many students giving us constructive feedback on their time at college so far. If you have any feedback from your perspective, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

We have launched our Christmas Shoebox Appeal this week which has attracted so many generous gifts already. It’s heart-warming to be reminded just how much our college community cares for each other – thank you to everyone that has donated something that can be gifted to those in our student community that need the most help at this time of year. 

Until Christmas, our Pre-Internship students are developing some key employability skills and providing a hugely popular service by helping our colleagues in Recharge, our College’s canteen and shop. I just know our staff and students will support this endeavour and that is will be hugely successful! This means that the impact of the pandemic is reduced at college as we are able to continue serving hot food at key times during the day. Thank you to everyone involved in this. 

There are a couple of key college updates that I would like to share with you which will impact our students. As an organisation we are now offer BorrowBox to staff and students. This is an online free library service to access ebooks. To start using BorrowBox, students just need to register. Simply download the app from the app store, select 'Activate Learning Group' when prompted and sign in with Activate Learning credentials. It really is as simple as that.   

  • Following the end of the national lockdown, our hair and beauty salon have re-opened to the public which we are really pleased about. Please check our website for more details.  

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you well over the upcoming festive period. Our term will end on December 18 and the campus will close on December 22, re-opening on January 4. I hope you can enjoy a restful break and time with loved ones, and I look forward to a brand-new year. 

Neil Brookes

Head of Campus - Student Experience at Guildford College 

COVID-19 update

We are changing the way that we inform you about COVID-19 cases on campus as we recognise that people might want to be able to access the information for themselves, rather than relying on us sending the information to you. We will now be updating our COVID-19 pages to show you the total number of cases by campus and the number of cases in the past week, broken down by staff and student.