Supporting your A Level exams

When are my A Level exams?

You will receive a letter in spring 2024 with further information about your A Level exams, this will include times and locations.

This information will be accessible on Examsnet. It will also be on your Formal Statement of Entry which you will receive in May.

Where do I go?

Your A Level exam locations will be communicated with you in advance. Most exams are held on campus.

However, for exams off-campus, we are currently in the process of preparing maps to provide you with directions.

What does the start of an exam look like?

How do I manage my revision time?

Firstly, you’ll want to read the top tips for exam success guide. You’ll also want to make sure you’re looking after your wellbeing during exam season.

You may also wish to download the daily revision planner or weekly planner. You can print these at college and use them to better plan your study sessions.

Additionally, here are some ways your parents and/or guardians can support you with exam stress.

Supporting your Maths and English GCSE examinations - drop-in and online revision sessions at college

Drop-in and online revision sessions at college

Did you know that we will be offering drop-in study sessions at all our campuses? We’ll also have online revision sessions!

We will share times for these sessions in class, on this page and via social media in the next few months.

Revision sessions in college

Teachers across Activate Learning will host revision session at your campus.

Useful A Level revision resources

We’ve got a host of useful revision resources to support your A Level exam revision and to help you get the most out of your time.

You’ll find lots of resources our Learning Environments and online.

Additional A Level exam guides and advice

Discover hints and tips for success:

What if I need more support?

In the first instance, please speak with your tutor about your concerns.

They can guide you though exam topics, provide you with additional revision resources and let you know about upcoming revision sessions.

Managing exam stress

The Student Support and Safeguarding team are on hand to support you. If you’re finding exam stress is getting to you, please reach out.

You can ask any member of staff to take you to Student Support and they will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. 

You can also email via or call on 01865 550401 during college hours. 

All students have free access to Fika via their student accounts. Fika is a mental fitness website and app that helps support your mental health and wellbeing.  Learn more about managing stress and anxiety with free Fika courses.