Media hair and makeup students in Oxford enjoy working with award-winning makeup artist, Theodore Salisbury

Media hair and makeup students at City of Oxford College, have been given the opportunity to work with award-winning makeup artist, Theodore Salisbury.

Theodore, who is part of the BAFTA crew and CEO of his own film production company, Exilian Studio, ran a full day workshop for students on Friday 26 February.

This was a brilliant opportunity for students studying the Media Hair and Makeup Level 3 Diploma to engage with the celebrated makeup artist.

Asking Theodore about his journey, he said: “I started of study an art course and found a passion for special effects whilst illustrating characters. I found it really motivating to think that through sculpting and prosthetics for different scenarios and characters I was able to bring my illustration to life.”

Theodore also runs his own mentorship programme and has invited learners to apply to join it once they complete their course.

He added: “I’m really impressed with the standard of work and I would be happy to take on City of Oxford College applicants.”

Charlie Robertson, 18, who is currently studying Level 3 Media Hair and Makeup Diploma at City of Oxford College, said: “This was such a good opportunity. The past year has been a struggle for everyone. The pandemic has put all our lives on pause and caused mayhem across the world.

“As a student balancing college and an essential job, it felt almost impossible to begin with, especially being stuck inside and having to learn to teach myself more. It’s been a real strain on the brain for us all.

However, I am thankful to my teacher, Amanda Hayward. She has been so patient and really pushed our class to achieve what she knows we can. I have never had a more supportive and resilient teacher; I have ADHD and I have never had a teacher who understands how to grasp my attention and takes the time to understand the way I learn.

My aim is to build up my career and come back to show her everything I’ve achieved.”

Opportunities like these highlights how important college education is, preparing students for real careers and giving them the skills, that employers want and need.

Amanda Hayward, Media Hair and Makeup Teacher at City of Oxford College, said: “Our Level 3 programmes help develop a range of skills and techniques required to work across a wide range of roles.

“At City of Oxford College, we are passionate about what we do throughout the time they’re with us and aim to ensure that they’re ready to leave us you have a skill set that readies you for work in the industry.”

If you would like to learn more about studying media hair and makeup at City of Oxford College, please visit the City of Oxford College website or call Activate Learning on 0800 612 6008. If you are interested in applying to Theodore’s mentorship programme, please visit Exilian Studio Official.