Anti-Bullying Week 2023 – It’s time to Make A Noise!

What is Anti-Bullying Week?  

Anti-Bullying Week 2023 is coordinated annually by the Anti-Bullying Alliance. It takes place from 13 – 17 November 2023 and this year’s theme is Make A Noise  

The week will start with Odd Socks Day on Monday 13 November, where participants at schools and colleges will wear odd socks to celebrate what makes us all unique. 

What is the theme for Anti-Bullying Week 2023? 

In consultation with teachers and pupils, the Anti-Bullying Alliance collaboratively decided on the theme, Anti-Bullying Week 2023: Make A Noise 

They said: “Teachers and children wanted a theme that empowered them to do something positive to counter the harm and hurt that bullying causes. 

Following the success of the campaign in 2022 – when 80% of schools marked the week, reaching over 7.5 million children and young people – Anti-Bullying Week will remind everyone whether it’s in school, at home, in the community or online, we can bring an end to bullying. 

What is bullying and how can we tackle it?  

The Anti-Bullying Alliance defines bullying as “the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group by another person or group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power. It can happen face to face or online. 

Bullying can be:   

  • Physical – pushing, poking, kicking, hitting, biting, pinching etc.  
  • Verbal – name calling, sarcasm, spreading rumours, threats, teasing, belittling.  
  • Emotional – isolating others, tormenting, hiding belongings, threatening gestures, ridicule, humiliation, intimidating, excluding, manipulation and coercion.  
  • Sexual – unwanted physical contact, inappropriate touching, abusive comments, homophobic abuse, exposure to inappropriate films etc.  
  • Online /cyber – posting on social media, sharing photos, sending nasty text messages, social exclusion.  
  • Indirect – can include the exploitation of individuals.  

Bullying is often not one individual against another, it’s often group behaviour.   

Bullying affects people all over the world and can leave you feeling isolated and hopeless. However, when we reach out and get support, alongside challenging behaviours, things can change.   

Zero tolerance to bullying – support services at college   

Activate Learning takes bullying very seriously and wants all students to feel safe from all forms of bullying or harassment on campus and in online learning environments.  

If you or someone you know is being bullied, the first thing to do is to reach out. It takes courage but reaching out can change lives.  

All of our colleges have a Student Behaviour and Welfare Officer who can support students who are experiencing bullying or struggling to manage their behaviour. They are based in Student Services and any student can ask for them at Reception. 

  • Banbury and Bicester College: Ben Malcher 
  • Bracknell and Wokingham College: Sagheer Khaliq 
  • City of Oxford College and University Centre, Oxford city-centre campus: Emily Taylor 
  • City of Oxford College and University Centre, Technology Campus in Blackbird Leys: Luke Snowdon 
  • Guildford College: Luke Young 
  • Merrist Wood College and University Centre: Georgiana Dugan 
  • Reading College and University Centre: Lauren Restel 

In addition, the Student Support team are also available to support you and help. They will work with you to ensure you feel safe and happy on campus.  

If you feel you would benefit from some support, you can visit the Student Support and Safeguarding team on campus, call on 01865 550 041 or email 

College should be a kind and considerate community and Activate Learning do not tolerate bullying.

Resources for parents/carers

Please find a selection of resources to support parents and carers:

How to get involved in Anti-Bullying Week?  

Get involved with discussions on your campus. Alternatively, jump online and show your involvement via #AntiBullyingWeek and #MakeANoise across social media. 

Remember, Monday 13 November is Odd Socks Day, where the Anti-Bullying Alliance is encouraging everyone to wear odd socks to show solidarity. Please come to college in your odd socks and donate online!

Activate Learning have pledged their support for #AntiBullyingWeek2023 alongside the Anti-Bullying Alliance. 

Join Activate Learning on social media for anti-bullying resources and to continue the conversation.