Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions? We've got answers!

Your next steps in education can be confusing but we want to help you make the right choice by giving you the information you need to make the right choice.

We offer careers appointments for current students and applicants who are aged 16-18. You can get more in-depth course information and guidance to find a course that is right for you. To book an appointment you can contact our careers team directly at or call 0800 612 6008 and our advisers will book you in.  

Those who are 19+ are advised to go to the National Careers Service: 

You can apply for an apprenticeship at our dedicated Activate Apprenticeships website. This will provide a list of all available apprenticeships that we offer. If you wish to study an apprenticeship at a particular college and already have employment, we suggest looking at the individual college website that you are interested in. A list of the apprenticeships specific to each college can be found on the main search page. 

For advice on how to find a workplace for your apprenticeship or any other related queries, please call Activate Apprenticeships on 01865 551015. 

We provide a highly supportive environment for all our students with a wide range of support services to aid you in your studies with Activate Learning. Your wellbeing and achievements are very important to us. While support is available to all students, we also know that some people need more personalised support to meet their needs.  

Our services include learning support, safeguarding, counselling, mental health support, financial support and events and enrichment. To find out more please visit: Supporting You. 

If you are concerned about your own or somebody’s else’s health, safety or wellbeing on or off campus you can contact the Safeguarding Hotline: 018655 50401. If you believe that anyone is in immediate danger or has been a victim of crime, please contact the emergency services.  

We aim to acknowledge your application within two working days of receipt; your application will then be processed, and you will receive an email advising on the next steps of the application process. Applicants will then receive a call from a member of the advice team to discuss your application in more detail. Further details will follow once you have received a conditional offer. The enrolment process will then begin in August which will finalise your place on the course. 

We offer a range of financial support designed to help students with the costs associated with their course. For further information on bursaries, advanced learner loans, course fees and how to apply please click here. 

Recently applied for a course: 

If you would like to study a different programme with us you will need to submit a new application, this can be done via our website. If you have applied for A Levels, you will have the opportunity to finalise your subjects during our enrolment stage in August.    

Current studying with us: 

Students who are in the first month of study, please contact your tutor to transfer your course. 

Recently applied for a course: 

To withdraw your application please submit an enquiry form here. Please include: your name, student ID and the reason for your withdrawal. If you change your mind at any time, we can reinstate your application.     

Current studying with us: 

If you would like to withdraw from your course, you will need to email your tutor with a reason for your withdrawal. For information regarding our fees policy please click here. 

 Recently applied for a course: 

After enrolment you will receive information regarding your induction day. Your final timetable will be given to you by your tutor during your first week in September.  

Current studying with us: 

If you are a current student and are unsure of your timetable, please contact your tutor via email. 

To replace your qualification certificate, you will need to contact your awarding body directly through their replacement certificate service. If you studied with us within the last seven years and do not know your awarding body, we can check with our exams team. Please be aware, if you studied over seven years ago, we may not be able to assist due to our retention policy. Please call us on 0800 612 6008 so that an adviser can assist.  

If you have studied with us in the last seven years, you can request a Student Confirmation letter.

A student confirmation letter confirms an individual’s education history at Activate Learning by providing the name of the course and whether the course was full time or part time.

If you studied with us longer than seven years ago, unfortunately we are unable to provide a student confirmation letter as we are only allowed to keep student data for a maximum of seven years.