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Student Liaison and Attendance Advisor (Bracknell)

Activate learning is a group of colleges that have come together as a family. We’re shaping the future of education here. We have small and large colleges that all come under the shared vision of Activate Learning. This helps the colleges to progress; we can secure more resources by joining together and we can also share good practice effectively across such a huge area.

I’m a real people person and I love helping them, that’s what I enjoy most about this role. Whether it’s helping students with their lives inside the college or outside, it’s really satisfying to see them with a smile on their face. I’m really content in this role when I see learners progress and lead happy lives.

We have a great team here, full of good people; lovely people that actually want to help and make sure that students achieve success in their studies and complete. That’s a great inspiration to see people really going out of their way and giving that extra little bit of effort to really support people who might be having issues at home or in the classroom.