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The Learning Philosophy

Our award-winning Learning Philosophy is at the heart of our approach to teaching and learning.

Our award-winning Learning Philosophy is at the heart of our approach to teaching and learning. 

This short animated video gives you a great introduction to the Learning Philosophy.


We utilise the important relationship between the following elements:


brain-icon.pngOur brains are capable of incredible things. From the study of neuroscience, we understand that the brain connects neurons to make networks. These networks strengthen and work faster through repeated use. We believe in hard work and recognise the value in working through our failures so that we are constantly learning and improving.


motivation-icon.pngWe need to motivate ourselves in order to do the practice that strengthens the networks in our brains. By repeatedly demonstrating the relevance and impact of newly learnt skills and knowledge, we maintain our students’ motivation.



heart-icon.pngOur emotional response to studying has a massive influence on how we learn. The more positive your emotional response to studying is, the more likely you are to engage with and remember what you’re learning.

Attributes for success

At Activate Learning, we work closely with employers to identify the characteristics and skills they are looking for in potential employees.

We help you identify which of these desirable attributes you have and which you can strengthen throughout your programme, ensuring your future employability is the focus throughout your studies.


professional-icon.pngWe help you to develop your people skills. You will become a master in communication and customer service.


enterprising-icon.pngWe encourage positive risk-taking alongside creative problem-solving. This boosts your leadership skills and resourcefulness.


resilient-icon.pngWe teach you how to adapt to changing situations and persevere to reach your goals, giving you the best chance to thrive and succeed.


confident-icon.pngWe build your confidence and prepare you for the workplace. You’ll present your real self to employers: a motivated, proactive and inquisitive individual.


aware-icon.pngWe help you to develop a reflective attitude towards yourself. That way, you’ll always play to your strengths and be able to work on your weaknesses.