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Applying for an apprenticeship is easy, whether you have found an apprenticeship vacancy yet or not.

If you want to apply for an apprenticeship, go to the Activate Apprenticeships website and head to the Apprenticeships vacancies section.

Already got a job?

If you already have a suitable job to complete your apprenticeship training, that's great news!

When you apply for an apprenticeship, you will need to complete an assessment for literacy and numeracy. If you need help with these important skills, we will help you find an Activate Learning course to give you those extra skills.

Still looking for a job?

If you don't have a suitable job, don't worry. You can browse the vacancies on our website and apply for one of them. If you are selected, you will be interviewed by your potential employer before you can start your apprenticeship.

If you can't find a suitable vacancy at the moment, please register your interest in an apprenticeship via our website. We will help you find the right apprenticeship opportunity for you. 

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