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Applied / Technical (Vocational)

Applying for our vocational programmes is easy.

You can apply for our vocational programmes online (on a desktop computer) or on paper.

If you are applying online, simply follow the 'apply' button from your chosen programme page. You will need to complete an application form with all relevant information, including how you meet the entry requirements for this course, a personal statement on your motivation to apply and how this programme fits in with your chosen career plans, as well as your contact details.

If you are unsure about which programme you want to study, select the 'advice and guidance required' in section 2.  Our Activate Careers team will then contact you to discuss the existing options and how they match your interests and strengths. 

If you need extra support, for example because you have a disability, medical, learning or language support needs, please tell us in section 5 of the application form. This information is confidential, but it will help us put the support you need in place for when you join us. 

What happens after you receive my application?

Once your application has been received and processed, we will contact you to arrange an interview on campus, so we can discuss your application in more detail. 

After the interview, we may make you an offer, if applicable. Your offer could be conditional (dependent on you achieving certain grades in another qualification.)

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