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Access courses

You can apply for our Access programmes online or on paper.

You can apply for our Access programmes online or on paper.

If you are applying online, simply choose your preferred Access course, then follow the 'apply' button from that page. You will need to complete an application form with all relevant information, including your contact details, how you meet the entry requirements for this course, a personal statement on your motivation to apply and how this programme fits in with your chosen career.

If you need extra support, for example because you have a disability or medical, learning or language support needs, please tell us in section 5 of the application form. This information is confidential, but it will help us put the support you need in place for when you join us. 

What happens after you receive my application?

To be accepted onto any one of the Access to HE courses, you have an interview process and complete an initial assessment. The interview is a chance for you to discover whether the course is the right one for you, and for us to discuss how you would cope with the demands of the course.

We are not looking for formal academic qualifications, but we do need to know that you are motivated and able to express ideas orally and on paper. The course is exciting and fun but it is challenging. You will need to demonstrate at interview that you have the potential to develop and succeed through your studies.

The interview process is designed to be informative and relaxed. Although the access course is only one year, you are planning to embark on a further three years of university study. We advise that you have a clear idea of what this means, academically and financially. 

We also advise that you make some decisions about what you would like to study at university before applying for an Access course. Individual university offers and entry requirements vary. If possible, you will have researched different universities and courses and checked that the Access to HE Diploma is an appropriate pathway for you.

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