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You can apply for three subjects within your chosen A-level pathway.

When you apply for your A-levels at an Activate Learning college, we will ask you to choose three A-level subjects from within one pathway. 

Each pathway will enable you to gain sufficient UCAS points for your university application, leading naturally into undergraduate study. The pathways are: Business, Communication, Science and Social Sciences. 

To apply for your chosen pathway, please complete our application form, providing all required information.

If you are unsure about which A-level programmes you want to study, select the 'advice and guidance required' in section 2. Our Activate Careers team will contact you to offer impartial advice and guidance, discussing the options available and how they would match your existing interests and strengths. 

If you need extra support, for example because you have a disability, medical, learning or language support needs, please tell us in section 5 of the application form. This information is confidential, but it will help us put the support you need in place for when you join us. 

What happens after you receive my application?

We will contact you to arrange an interview, so we can discuss you application in more detail.

If appropriate, we will make you an offer after the interview. Your course offer may be conditional on you achieving certain results before you start your A-levels at Activate Learning. 

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