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How to apply

Application process for starting College in September 2021

During these uncertain times, it is reassuring to know that you can continue with your plans for September. Things may be a little different, and you might not be able to visit us on site at the moment, but you can still visit us virtually, speak to our tutors and support teams and submit an application online.

This step-by-step guide will explain what you need to do to choose your course, apply to the College and complete your enrolment in the summer.  

If you need any help completing your application form, one of our Advice and Admissions Team will be happy to help you – please contact them on – 0800 612 6008 or send an enquiry.


  • Read our career pathways and subjectspages to research more about the programmes and potential future careers they could lead to. 
  • Join in with our College Open Events 
  • Book a 1:1 chat with our tutors 
  • Talk to our Activate Careers team to get independent advice and guidance about the options available and how they would match your interests and skills 
  • Find out about financial support to help you cover the costs associated with studying at college 
  • Enquire about learning and/or health and wellbeing support for students by emailing 
  • Find out about travel routes to college  


  • Make an application – find a course and apply for it online or use our PDF application form 
  • If you choose to apply online, once you have chosen the course that you wish to study, please add it to your basket. You will then need to register or log in to proceed through your application. 
  • Let us know about any specific support needs you may have 
  • We will then send you an email to confirm that we have received your application. 
  • All of our communications will come via email in the first instance, so please check your emails regularly 
  • Keep us up to date with any changes to your email address 


  • You will receive a call from the Admissions Team to discuss your application and any additional support needs - usually between 3-6pm 
  • If necessary, you will receive a further call from Learning Support or Student Support to find out how we can help you at college 
  • If you applied online, the progress of your application can be viewed on the application portal 
  • To ensure that you are on the right programme level, some courses may require you to complete an assessment first 
  • Receive a conditional offer by email to confirm the pathway you have applied for and your agreed programme lebel within that pathway. 
  • We will confirm the entry requirements of that offer, which might be achieving certain grades, providing a portfolio of your work or taking part in an audition. 
  • Your conditional offer will also include details of an alternative pathway programme that you might be eligible for if you do not meet the entry criteria. 


  • Accept your place by email or text message 


  • Once we have received your completed application form, we will be in touch with you regularly to let you know about all the exciting things happening at College and to support you in becoming an Activate Learning student next September.  
  • You will receive a call from your tutor to welcome you to the College and discuss any questions you may have.  
  • Join your online faculty community - you will receive a password to log on to the Activate Learning Online (ALO) system 
  • Take part in activities run by each faculty, which might include induction programmes, summer projects or recommended reads  
  • Make sure you are financially prepared by applying for Advanced Learner loans (we will contact you when the applications open) or other financial support if you are eligible  


  • If you met the conditions of your offer great news!  
  • If you didn’t meet the conditions or you wish to change your plans don’t worry! You will know which course you might now be eligible for, or if you wish to change your plans please just give us a call. 


  • You will receive an email with a link to follow to complete your enrolment online and upload your exam results. You can also do this in person.  
  • Enrolment will begin from July, throughout August and early September. Please ensure that you complete your enrolment form as soon as you receive it, to guarantee your place. 
  • You will receive your first day arrangements so you know where to go and at what time  
  • Come into college to collect your ID and set up your IT account  


  • Start your programme with us  
  • Complete an induction to help you make the most of your learning experience  


  • Follow us on social media using the buttons at the bottom of this page to keep up to date with news and events 
  • Look at our Starting in September page to get an idea of what to expect 




This means 



A programme of learning is what you study at college which will include a number of parts including your main qualification, possibly English and maths, digital skills, personal development around attributes and behaviours and work experience.  




Your pathway is a number of programmes that take you to employment, an apprenticeship or university course in your chosen field. 




Your faculty is the department in college that run your pathways. We have six.... 


Apply, application, applied 


When you fill out a form to say you would like to join a specific programme you become an applicant and we will work with you through the application steps until you become a student. 



A person with an application in progress. 


Late applicant 

A person applying after 1 March.  


ID number 

As an applicant, you will be given a unique number which we use during your application and will stay with you if you become a student and throughout your time at college. 


Conditions of entry 


To be accepted on a programme we often need to see that you have achieved specific GCSE grades, passed an assessment or that you have participated in some preparation activities. 


Offer, offered 


Your programme offer is a letter or email that we send to you to say we are expecting you to join a particular programme and reminding you about the conditions of entry. Your offer does not mean that you are a student yet, but we hope so. 




We ask you to send a text or email to let us know that you are intending to join that programme we have offered you and that you understand the conditions of entry. 




If you applied online you will have access to a website portal which will update your status as either, applied, offered, accepted and enrolled. 

Enrol, enrolment 


Enrolment is the stage where we have confirmed that you have met any entry requirements and that the programme is right for you. You formally sign to say you agree to becoming a student. Once you are enrolled you are officially a student. 


ID card 


As an enrolled student you will get a card which shows our picture and ID number. The card contains a chip that you give you entry to college buildings and you must wear it around your neck at all times, so we know that you are a student. 


IAG (Information, Advice and Guidance) 


Any late applicant after GCSE results day joins an IAG session to discuss joining a programme. If there is a suitable programme, and spaces available, we will enrol you. 


ALO (Activate Learning Online) 


Our online learning platform is Activate Learning Online, which we call ALO. As an applicant with an offer, you will have an IT account and a log-in to ALO where you can complete some online activities before you become a student.