Activate Learning provide enhanced education and job opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers in response to the Ukraine crisis

Activate Learning has created a suite of courses to support refugees and asylum seekers, due to a higher demand for English language programmes in the wake of the Ukrainian crisis.

These courses will support the considerable number of people seeking to better understand the English language and are enquiring about enrolling on courses at Activate Learning’s colleges.

Andrew Marshall, Director of Employability at Activate Learning, said: “We provide a variety of primary need courses at Activate Learning for asylum seekers and refugees to ensure they have the English language skills needed to thrive in the UK.

“Everyone is welcome, and in response to the Ukraine crisis we have enhanced spaces on courses to accommodate this higher demand.”

Activate Learning has been working with over 500 learners from countries including Sudan, Eritrea, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and more recently Ukraine.

The group is collaborating with local authorities and charities to help these individuals develop the essential skills they need to help them transition into life and work in the United Kingdom.

“Language can be a huge barrier for people when they are arriving in a country for the first time, and we recognise how important it is to be able to communicate with those around you to feel part of a community.

“Some of the people that will be taking up this offer will have fled from some pretty atrocious circumstances, so we feel incredibly proud to be able to offer what help we can at this time,” added Mr Marshall.

This offering includes ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) and EFL (English as a Foreign Language) courses.

To learn more about this offering, please visit the Activate Learning Adult Education website, email the Lifeskills team via or call Activate Learning on 0800 612 6008.