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How to start your career in healthcare at Activate Learning

12 May 2020

Are you considering a career in healthcare? Would you like to work with the NHS or in the private sector? You’ve come to the right place.

Activate Learning can help support your dream career in healthcare. We offer exciting hands-on courses in a range of health and social care disciplines.

Depending on your level of study, you can start your career in nursing and health care at Activate Learning on one of our study programmes.

Your options

You may choose one of the following qualifications depending on your age and level of study:

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What does a career in healthcare look like?

A career in healthcare is a demanding and rewarding experience. You get to work directly with the public and ensure their health and wellbeing is looked after.

Industry placements

As part of your studies, you will be required to work in industry placements. These placements will allow you to get on-the-job training in your chosen field and will prepare you further for your career, as well as giving you incredible experience in the workplace and your chosen profession. .

Industry placements within the NHS

Wondering what it would be like to work for the NHS? Here’s what your industry placement within the NHS could look like:

Our care suites

Alongside industry placements, students at City of Oxford College and Reading College have access to onsite care suites. These realistic training environments offer industry-standard equipment for hands-on education and practical training.

Within these fully equipped care suites, you will have access to a six-bed hospital ward, residential care room and emergency care centre. At Reading College, you may also access an immersive 3D VR learning space.

Our care suites provide acute clinical and residential care facilities for simulated teaching and learning.

These care suites are so high spec, that as well as using the facilities for our own learning programmes, we can also meet the training and development needs of local health care organisations, schools and colleges.

The hospital ward

The hospital ward offers a fully immersive clinical environment where you may learn essential clinical and caring skills.

This six bed ward is monitored via plasma screens. The use of simulation mannequins and state-of-the-art IT monitoring and diagnostic equipment which allow students to learn healthcare skills in a realistic yet safe way.

This mock A&E department space allows student to practise their observational skills, first aid, emergency care, drug administration and wound dressing.

The home care room

The home care room replicates a real-life home environment. Here, students can practise their in-home caring and independent living techniques for the elderly or for those requiring care in their own or a residential home setting.

The space includes a seating area, bedroom and bathroom with hoist. The home care room is fully equipped with all of the required aids to assist the care of people with a range of different health conditions and needs.

The classroom

We have a dedicated classroom space alongside each care suite complex. These breakout areas offer an extension to learning sessions within the care suite.

Classrooms are equipped with projector whiteboards, internet connection and desk and seating arrangements as required for all educational needs.

The Immersive Space at Reading College

The Immersive Space at Reading College uses cutting-edge projection equipment to simulate a variety of environments. Images are projected onto the walls of the learning environment through 360 degrees, making you feel a real part of the action. From operating theatres to deep dives inside the human body, you'll see it all!

The new care suite at Reading College

What current healthcare students and alumni say about our programmes

Here’s what some of our former and current students have to say about healthcare programmes at Activate Learning:

Apply for courses in healthcare and social care

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