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An update on partial reopening of our college campuses from 15 June

We recently got in touch with you regarding a partial reopening of college sites for select students and apprentices from 8 June. 

28 May 2020

We recently got in touch with you regarding a partial reopening of college sites for select students and apprentices from 8 June. 

After careful consideration of all Government guidance, we will now welcome select students back to campus from the week commencing 15 June instead. 

Next week, we will be providing a Student Handbook to prepare those returning to college this academic year. 

Who will return to college? 

If you are a student or apprentice invited to return to college from 15 June, you will not return to college with a full campus timetable as we will need to limit the number of students that we have on campus each day. 

We will be in contact with those students next week with further details of their timetables.

For most students, we will continue to provide support remotely, with all learning via digital platforms only (online) for the remainder of this academic year. 

However, we will be inviting a small number of students to attend some on-campus delivery from 15 June. This will typically be those who are having difficulty in engaging with remote learning and those who cannot complete their qualifications without access to our technical facilities. 

Please do not attend our campuses unless you have been specifically invited.

On-site provision will continue to be available to the children of keyworkers and those in need of additional support.
All students continuing their studies are welcome to book time in Learning Environments at college from 15 June to support their studies. We will be in touch with more information on how to book these slots via email next week.

What is college doing to keep me safe?

We are putting in place thorough safety measures to protect the wellbeing of students who will return, which will also help us work towards a wider college reopening in the future.   

To protect students and staff, we will introduce:  

•    Sanitiser units  
•    Electrostatic disinfecting machines 
•    Sneeze guards 
•    Nearly 1,000 metres of social distancing floor tape 
•    Around 1,600 directional stickers for one-way systems 
•    Around 1,600 social distancing stickers for desks 

Other measures include:

•    Avoiding group gatherings 
•    Reduced capacity and distanced desks in classrooms, labs and workshops (to around 60% less capacity)
•    Guidance on maintaining social distancing 
•    Staggered start and finish times  
•    Limit the number of people invited onto campus each day 
•    Where feasible, one-way systems around campus 
•    Deep cleaning of campuses
•    Closure of food outlets and water coolers on campus (to prevent potential spread of the virus)
Please remember to remain alert and apply common sense whilst on campus. You should only arrive at college for your timetabled lessons and should leave the campus as soon as these are over. 

Introducing the Student handbook

Next week we will be sending a Student handbook via email, with more information on returning to college and the safety measures that we have put in place on campus. 

This handbook will include more detailed information on other important topics, such as:

•    How to raise any concerns you may have while on campus
•    Advice on safe travelling to our campuses
•    How to manage and report symptoms if you are feeling unwell

What should I do if I am worried about returning to college?

We understand that some students may be concerned about returning to college, but we would like to reassure you that your safety is our number one priority. 

If you have any concerns, please speak to your teachers who can offer you further guidance and support. 

If you need further information

Your teachers should have already been in contact to tell you more about your next steps. If you have any further questions, please contact them directly. 

In the meantime, whether you will return to classroom-based learning or not, please carry on engaging with your studies online from home and taking care of yourselves.