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Further information on GCSE examinations

24 March 2020

GCSE and A Levels

The Government has now confirmed that GCSEs and A Levels will be awarded based on estimated grades submitted by tutors, which will take into account your performance and progress over the year.

Our teaching staff will be spending the next few weeks assessing each student, to work out the grades that are fair and an accurate reflection of what they believe you deserve. This process is one they will take very seriously and these predictions will be made with integrity.

Once they have made their predicted grades, these will be sent off for external moderation, so please do not approach your tutor asking them what grade you have been awarded as they cannot discuss this.

The Government has issued letters to GCSE and A Level students, which we would encourage everyone all to read.

On Friday last week we got in touch to let you know what the Government had said about this summer’s exams in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the past few days we’ve had the chance to sit down and understand what this will mean for our students at Activate Learning while we continue to support your education through our online learning platforms.

Having looked at the Government’s announcement, we have decided that teachers will continue to develop students’ skills in English and maths for three specific reasons:

  • improving your qualifications
  • enabling your opportunities to move onto the next level and progress at college
  • meeting the external requirements of employers and universities.

We know that students scheduled to sit GCSE examinations in the summer will no longer sit those examinations in June. However, based on the guidance from Government, we will still need to provide evidence of the quality of your work in order for examination boards to make grading decisions in June.

Also, there are many of you who are likely to sit GCSE examinations in November.

So, for these reasons, English and maths teachers will continue to work with you to ensure you maintain your progress during this time.

Kind regards,

Lee Nicholls

Group Executive Director - Curriculum, Standards and Academies

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