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Your Students' Union needs you to run for President at your campus!

08 July 2020



Want to be a decision maker at college? Looking to influence change that will benefit everyone? Then you are going to want to run for Students’ Union (SU) President at your campus!

Elections for President will begin in September online and at college. Summer break will give you the opportunity to think about the changes you want to make at college and will help you to draft your manifesto.

Your manifesto is the perfect opportunity to think about what you would like to do, what you feel passionately about, and it could include things such as clubs or events you would like to start.

What does the Students’ Union do?

The Students’ Union help support and create the student experience from running events to having meetings with staff to discuss changes for the student body to make an impact.

There is a committee of students on each campus that form the SU. Within the committee there are lots of roles. You can tell which students are in the SU because they have an orange lanyard!

The SU committee meets each week to discuss current issues, develop their campaigns and plan their events. If you don’t want to be part of the committee, you can still get involved by attending the meetings so you can let your voice be heard! 

What has the Students’ Union done at other colleges?

  • Last year, the President and Vice President of Reading College SU held a meeting with the Executive Director and regional lead for Berkshire. Here, they raised student issues and campaigned for the college to be more sustainable in line with the National Union of Students campaign ‘Students Organising for Sustainability’ (SOS). 
  • Bracknell and Wokingham College held a bake sale for Stonewall and to promote the LGBTQ+ club
  • Banbury and Bicester College raised money and awareness for Clic Sargent through a curry night held in the campus restaurant
  • City of Oxford College planned a summer ball to help celebrate the end of year and all the achievements and successes of the students 

As part of the SU, you’ll also have the opportunity to go the National Union of Students (NUS) National Conference. Here, students come together nationwide to help make a wider impact on the UK. 

How does being a member of the Students’ Union benefit me?

The SU is about having fun and making an impact at college. Being a member is an excellent way to put your stamp on the college and gain skills that will help you wherever you go in the future!

Not only is being part of the Students’ Union a great experience but it will look great on your CV and will help with future employment. It can also be added to your personal statement if you are interested in applying to university!

How to become a part of the Students’ Union

If you would like to run for President or get involved with the Students’ Union in any way, please contact with your questions and for more information.