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Activate Learning’s Surrey-based colleges receive glowing report following British Council inspection

17 February 2020

Activate Learning is proud to announce its Surrey-based colleges at Guildford, Merrist Wood and Farnham have passed their most recent British Council inspection with flying colours.

The British Council, which is responsible for ensuring the quality of education provision aimed at foreign language students in the UK, have delivered their report following an inspection in late September 2019.

Of the 106 areas that were inspected across our ESOL and EFL provision, 57 were deemed a “strength” and 44 were “met”.

Hard work and dedication of staff praised

Ian Paine, Acting Head of International for Activate Learning’s Surrey colleges, said he was delighted with the results of the inspection.

He added: “The strength of the report we’ve had back is a testament to all the hard work that our staff in Surrey have been doing to ensuring the highest possible standards of education for our foreign language students.

“There are some fantastic highlights in the report with ‘strengths’ across the board in teaching and the majority of the areas covered under quality management and learning resources, which is terrific to see.”

What the report said

Praise in the report also included:

“Clearly stated goals and values underpin the supportive ethos of the colleges. Strategic and quality management is effective, and all aspects of student administration are carried out with care and sensitivity.”

“Safeguarding training is undertaken by all staff and hosts and regularly updated. Recruitment procedures are robust. The college carries out its duty of care in a number of ways, especially with regard to supervision of students. Safeguarding under 18s is an area of strength.”

“Pastoral care and support for students is embedded in the ethos of the college. Information about staff responsible for the well-being of students is sent to students and their parents/guardians as part of pre-arrival information. Posters naming key members of staff responsible for pastoral care are displayed throughout the school and on the website. Students in the focus group spoke very highly of the pastoral care they received and were very clear about who they would go to with any problems.”

Building on strengths of both organisations to build for the future

Cheri Ashby, Group Executive Director and Head of Surrey colleges for Activate Learning, also acknowledged the hard work that had gone into the inspection.

She added: “When Activate Learning and Guildford College Group merged, Activate Learning knew it was inheriting a very strong international offering and this report following the British Council inspection confirms this.

“There was so much work that went into preparing for this inspection and I’m so pleased this report shows how our staff work tirelessly to ensure our learners have everything they need, not just from an educational perspective, but also with their broader wellbeing in mind.”

You can read the full British Council inspection report here.