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Students launch environmental and mental health social media campaign

IT and computing students from Activate Learning’s Bracknell and Wokingham College have launched their own social media campaign to encourage people to look after the environment and themselves during the national lockdown.

27 April 2020

Bracknell and Wokingham College IT level 3 students

IT and computing students from Activate Learning’s Bracknell and Wokingham College have launched their own social media campaign to encourage people to look after the environment and themselves during the national lockdown. 

The Twitter campaign, which was launched in March, features the hashtag #BWCIT and includes posts, posters, GIFs and videos to advise others to protect the environment and themselves during this time.  

The students, who are all studying an IT and Computing Level 3 Extended Diploma at the Church Road campus, set up the campaign as part of one of their college units, focusing on the business applications of social media. 

Elena Gugoasa, 33, IT and Computing student, said: “We created and launched a social media campaign in March called Save the Planet to increase awareness about climate change. We also created content about the coronavirus.  

“We hope that our campaign encourages people to take responsible decisions about how we can improve or avoid forward damage to the environment. The campaign includes lots of different media to engage others.  

“This campaign made me aware that we are running out of time and if we really want to create a future for us, the next generation and all wildlife, we must change ourselves. We must reduce wastage, plastic, use eco-friendly and biodegradable products and protect wildlife. The change starts with us!” 

Elena Gugoasa, IT and Computing student works on the social media campaign from her remote classroom.

Donatas Rackauskas, 17, IT and Computing student, said: “For the campaign, I created an in-depth plan. As for the launch, I created a poster and a short video centred around the current Covid-19 pandemic on Twitter and YouTube. 

“I've learnt how to use new software in the creation of my posts. For example, my video was produced through the use of OBS recording software and Sony Vegas Pro, a video editing software.” 

Emmanuel Bonney, 20, IT and Computing student and member of Activate Learning’s Students’ Union Council, said: “I received warm wishes from my followers and friends, as I also shared it across my social media platforms.  I am glad to have participated in this campaign and it feels so good to do something for not just the community I live in, but the entire world at large, and I’m proud of it.  

Himanshi Singh, Lecturer in IT and Computing at Activate Learning, said: "The first thing that came to my mind when lockdown was announced was to ensure that my students are safe and well supported.  

“We were supposed to create a campaign as part of our assignment. I changed the theme at the last minute to ensure my students understand how they can stay safe during the lockdown and that there are people out there, who can support them if they need it.  

“I thought the best way to make sure they understand, was to make them work on the campaign. The students responded very positively and were proud to create something positive in these challenging times." 

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