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Local teacher uses 3D printers to create PPE for NHS workers

A local teacher and her husband have used 3D printers from Reading College to create hundreds of reusable headbands at home to protect visors used by NHS staff.

21 April 2020

A local teacher and her husband have used 3D printers from Reading College to create hundreds of reusable headbands at home to protect visors used by NHS staff.  

The college, located on Kings Road, was contacted by 3D Print World in Aylesbury, a 3D printing company who coordinated a call to action for volunteers to create reusable headbands.  

Biddy went into the otherwise closed workshop at the college to collect the 3D printers and has sent over 200 headbands from her home for PPE use so far. She has worked at Reading College for over 20 years and specialises in woodwork and modelmaking. 

Biddy Palmer, who is a vocational tutor for the Creative Industries faculty at Activate Learning, said: “We had four 3D printers in our department sitting idle. I had the space at home to set them up, so I drove to the college and collected them.” 

Once the 3D printers were set up, Biddy and her husband Jon used the design provided by 3D Print World for their team of volunteers and started creating the headbands.  

She added: “Each headband takes around three hours to make. We have made around 200 now and have sent them off to 3D Print World, who will coordinate their distribution to the NHS.” 

Sarah Dyckhoff, Director at 3D Print World, said: “Thank you to Reading College for their contribution. With all of the volunteers’ help we’ve managed to produce 10,500 headbands in total.  

“They’ve been well received by the NHS, as well as care workers and pharmacies.” 

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