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10 movies that are disguised Shakespeare plays

To celebrate Shakespeare day, we’ve compiled our top 10 movies which take inspiration from the poet, playwright and actor's great plays.

23 April 2020

To celebrate Shakespeare day, we’ve compiled our top 10 movies which take inspiration from the poet, playwright and actor's great plays. 

  1. The Lion King (1994) 

The circle of life, Hakuna Matata and Can you feel the love tonight are three of the well-known songs from this animated Disney classic released in 1994. But did you know that it was based on Hamlet? It was also released as a live action version last year.  


  1. 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) 

Staring the late Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles, this fantastic teen flick about two sisters who aren’t allowed to date unless both of them have dates takes its inspiration from The Taming of the Shrew. 


  1. She’s The Man (2006) 

When Viola’s school football team is cut, she decides to swap places with her twin Sebastian and disguises herself as a guy to try out for his school’s football team. Featuring the acting talents of Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum, this movie pays homage to Twelfth Night.  


  1. Hamlet (2000) 

Set in New York, this modern-day adaptation of Hamlet staring Ethan Hawke as Hamlet who returns home to find that his dad has been murdered and that his mother has remarried the suspect of the case.   


  1. The Hollow Crown (2014-16) 

This TV series starring Ben Winshaw, Jeremy Irons and Tom Hiddleston is based on Shakespeare’s second tetralogy: the Henriad: Richard II, Henry IV Parts 1 & 2 and Henry V.  


  1. West Side Story (1961) 

This musical inspired by Romeo and Juliet burst onto Broadway on 26 September in 1957 and was then adapted for the cinema in 1961. Set in New York, West Side Story tells the story of Tony and Maria who are from two opposing gangs, the Sharks and the Jets, who meet and fall in love but sadly come to a tragic end. 


  1. Much Ado About Nothing (1993) 

This 1993 adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing stars Kenneth Brannah, Keanu Reeves, Kate Beckingsale and Emma Thompson in this play where two lovers who are due to marry soon hack a plan to get two other lonely hearts to get together and marry too.   


  1. Romeo and Juliet (1996)

“Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Verona where we lay our scene.” Baz Luhrmann directed this modern-day interpretation of Romeo and Juliet staring a young Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes as the star-crossed lovers from two feuding families who fall in love. 


  1. As You Like It (2006) 

Directed by Kenneth Brannah, this interpretation of As You Like It tells the story of forbidden love and one woman’s courage to overcome it. 


  1. Warm Bodies (2013) 

A zombie meets and falls in love with a young girl who he pledges to protect against all others of his kind. Staring Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, this film which inspired by Romeo and Juliet is like no other.