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We need you! Help us to name our new pygmy hedgehog!

19 September 2019

At Banbury and Bicester College, we have a female pygmy hedgehog that has yet to be named!


We need to rectify this as soon as possible. So, we need your help!

If you’d like to name our cute pygmy hedgehog, please head over to the Banbury and Bicester College Instagram. You must:

  • Follow the Banbury and Bicester College Instagram page
  • Like and comment your chosen name on this Instagram post

The winner will be announced on October 4 at midday and the new name will be revealed across all of our social media!

Our little pygmy hedgehog has now been named, please give a warm welcome to Banbi! This creative name combines Banbury and Bicester to represent the college in the cutest way possible!

If you would like to learn more about our Animal Management programmes at Banbury and Bicester College, take a peek here: