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Researching universities and your options instead of university

14 October 2019

Whether you choose to attend university or not, you have plenty of options for life after college. After studying with us, 95% of Activate Learning students will progress into higher-level learning or employment.

On completion of your studies, you may opt for the following:

  • An undergraduate degree
  • A degree apprenticeship
  • A traditional apprenticeship
  • An internship
  • Other higher education options
  • Gap years

Choosing your perfect degree or degree apprenticeship

UCAS undergraduate courses

You can use UCAS Search to search for and compare university undergraduate degrees available throughout the UK.

Degree apprenticeships

Degree apprenticeships are a relatively new programme offered by select universities. On a degree apprenticeship you will combine paid work with studying at university part-time. Degree apprenticeship programmes can take between three-six years to complete. You can learn more about degree apprenticeships via UCAS

Location, location, location

Before choosing your universities, be sure to visit on their Open Days to get a feel for the area and your chosen programme.

Your options instead of university


Apprenticeships offer a great alternative to university and some universities even offer degree apprenticeships! Apprenticeships do not incur university fee costs and allow you to earn while you learn. Learn more about apprenticeship programmes at Activate Apprenticeships.


Lots of companies offer students internships to gain skills on the job. Although competitive, these opportunities are widely available.

Other higher education options

There’s plenty of other higher education options to boost your professional skills. Learn more about your higher education options.

Gap years

After studying, some people may choose to take a gap year before returning to study or work.

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