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Bracknell photography students work with Honda to capture the power of dreams.

08 October 2019

Students on our photography pathway have been involved in an ongoing project with Honda to produce images that captured the Japanese company’s values and philosophy.

The students visited Honda’s UK head office on Cain Road in Bracknell in June, where they had the opportunity to photograph top-of-the-range cars and motorbikes from the Honda collection. 

They celebrated the end of their project by holding an exhibition entitled The Power of Dreams, showcasing their final images at Honda’s UK head office on Wednesday 25 September, where the students’ work was judged by Honda’s Senior Management Team and viewed by employees. 


Student successes

Maria Nicholls, 17, from Bracknell, won both the Overall Judges’ Votes and People’s Choice awards. For her final image, Maria used her initiative and placed a Honda sticker at the bottom of a sink and decided to run the water over it to make it look abstract. Her image showcases the brightness of the red Honda logo, which is their corporate colour to highlight the trust and passion that the company has for their products. 

Maria said: “Working with Honda has made me more confident because I’ve talked to people that I wouldn’t have talked to before about my work. It’s also taught me how to use a brief and know what clients want.”

Students Jacinta McCabe received an award for Technical Excellence, and Chris Cooper and Joshua Duffy were both highly commended for their work. 

The photographs will be displayed around the Honda UK Head office in Bracknell. 


Enterprising students

David Hodgetts, Managing Director Honda UK, said: “Many congratulations to all the students who took part in this project. We were hugely impressed with the final pieces – not only did the images showcase the uniqueness of Honda, the students were able to articulate their interpretation and inspiration in front of the judges. We know it was the first time some of them have hosted an exhibition away from the college, and we’re delighted to see how much they have evolved since the initiative started.”

Ginette Cox, Activate Learning’s Regional Director of Delivery for Creative Arts, Berkshire, said: “We are incredibly proud of our second-year photography students and their exhibition at Honda.

“This has been a long journey, from the initial planning stage through to the eventual unveiling of the spectacular images that absolutely delighted Honda’s senior management. Some of the comments from Honda staff were amazing, noting that the quality of the work was equal to anything that they had seen done by professionals in the business. They really were impressed, not just by the images but by the fantastic students themselves, who were smart, eloquent and enthusiastic.

“The Photography Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma is not just about developing photographic skills, although our students have certainly done that. Our tutor Nick Brewer uses his experience as a professional photographer to guide the students throughout.  As a result, we have been privileged to watch our students grow in confidence, professionalism, commitment and self-belief. It was fabulous to watch.”

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