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Culinary Arts and Hospitality Academy in Yeremyan

05 June 2019

We are pleased to announce that we have now signed off on our partnership with the prestigious Yeremyan Projects restaurant chain, based in the capital city Yerevan, in Armenia.  The new Culinary Arts and Hospitality Academy opened in April and we are delighted to have received our first 300 registrations for trainee chefs and other hospitality professionals.


We hope to provide our learners and learning professionals with opportunities to visit Armenia and to see first hand the innovative 'farm to table' infrastructure that Yeremyan Projects has established in the region.

Francis Lawson, City of Oxford College Director of International Partnerships, speaking at the inauguration of the academy said "I am proud to be here today, and I am happy with our joint cooperation.”


The academy is equipped with innovative equipment currently in use in modern kitchens of the world’s leading restaurants. Students will acquire skills in both theory and practical subjects, as well as leadership and communication skills. This will involve learning foreign languages, interacting with foods of various cultures, and gaining other skills that are in demand in the culinary and service sectors today.

Visitors and guests will also be able to preview the skills of the future chefs and waiters, as well as certain aspects of the educational process at the academy’s Laboratory Café.

Director of the academy Nazeli Navasardyan stated:  “I’ve traveled to many different countries, where I’ve been able observe and learn more about the culinary world. The conditions that have been created in this academy, in terms of education, are world-class.


Upon graduation the participants will be awarded joint diplomas by the City of Oxford College, by Yeremyan Projects Culinary Art, and by the Hospitality Academy.  We are pleased to have provided validation of both hospitality and chef training professional courses at the academy, and we look forward to a variety of exciting new collaborations in the future.