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The Golden Age of Apprenticeships – how an apprentice can change your business in 2019

14 January 2019

Apprenticeships are taken across a variety of industries nationwide

Nowadays, apprenticeships are taken across a variety of industries nationwide, offering apprentices the opportunity to learn the practical skills and technical training needed to thrive.

Anapprenticeship incurs no higher education debt, allowing learners to earn a wage and kick start their career within their chosen profession.

The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OFQUAL) recorded that 4.8 million certificates were awarded in the first three quarters of 2018, with the final quarter pending announcement.

With this vast offering and apprenticeships popularity thriving, have we entered the Golden Age of vocational training?

Pablo Lloyd, Chief Executive of Activate Apprenticeships comments:

"A young refugee came to us a few years ago to learn a trade in construction. He was the only survivor in a truck carrying immigrants from Afghanistan. He was very good at brickwork and eventually got an apprenticeship and enough money to visit his only surviving relative, his mother, back in Afghanistan. He visited our team a month ago to say thank you.

"A young woman was a bright student, turned down a place at university to join an advanced manufacturing business as an apprentice. Six years later, she is leading a team of technicians and has finished her engineering degree. We haven't heard from her, she's too busy, but we can see her progress on social media.

"These two examples illustrate the range of vocational training we now have in the UK.

"'Universities-and-vocational-education' was the phrase used by the BBC this summer as the destination following final college and school exams. Previous years, the focus was mainly on universities. Universities are now delivering apprenticeships and colleges now deliver degrees. Considering this, businesses are testing new recruits for attitudes and behaviours, not just qualifications.

"As a society, we are growing up and realising that we must start learning useful skills earlier in our lives. The world is more competitive. We don't just have to learn skills, we must learn how to use them in a team, how to change them when they are obsolete and how to help young people adapt in ways that we can only imagine.

"Vocational training is entering a Golden Age in the UK, we have rediscovered the importance of technical skills, we have worked out that attitudes and behaviours are about nurture not nature. We are shedding academic snobbery for pride in the practical skills that make our society work.

"If, like me, you have more years behind you than ahead of you, I have two questions: how are you adapting and who are you helping?"

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