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BBC reporter gets behind the wheel at Banbury and Bicester College

19 June 2018

Activate Learning welcomed back BBC Radio Oxford when the breakfast show’s roving reporter Phil Mercer visited the Banbury campus on 18 June.

Phil interviewed staff from the Motor Vehicle and Art and Design programmes and had a go at some basic car maintenance and a spot of pottery.

Lee Jamieson, Director of Curriculum, explained how students repaired clients’ cars to add a real world dimension to their studies and prepare them for working life. Teachers Matt Salt and Chris Heath were interviewed about what goes on in the motor vehicle workshop, the classic car maintenance programme and the skills that students could expect to learn.

Student Josh Lovesey set the alarm clock early so that he could talk to Phil about why he was studying car maintenance, and his career plans.

As well as the lively car workshop broadcast, Phil had a go on the potter’s wheel, with his valiant attempt broadcast live on radio and filmed for social media. Phil multitasked by interviewing Faculty Manager Susannah Brown while working the wheel. Pottery teacher Will Lehman spent time with Phil after the programme to show him how it should be done.

Regular listeners will know that Phil invites his hosts to nominate a song for the BBC Radio Oxford playlist - find out the college’s song choice and check out the interviews here: . The interviews can be heard at 27 mins, 53 mins, 1 hour 21 mins and 1 hour 52 mins.