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Student illustrators take part in children's book competition

27 November 2017

Graphic design students from Reading College will see their books for children published as part of a ground breaking project to promote careers in science and technology (STEM) to pre-school girls - The Activate Learning Dauntless Book Competition 2017.

Sandra Borgula and Oliwia Ogrodniczak were chosen by the judges, Karen Liddell, childcare and education manager for All About Children Nurseries, the Activate Learning Women in STEM ambassadors WorkmATe and Stephanie Green, the founder of Dauntless Daughters, who create bold, diverse illustrations, stories, games, goods and services to empower girls and young women.

Robin the Rabbit by Sandra Borgula is a beautifully illustrated book that caught the judges’ attention because of its approach to equality and the fact that it remains gender neutral throughout. It’s a book that can be used to inspire children to use their own skills and talent to achieve anything which sits beautifully within the WorkmATe and Dauntless Daughters mission.

Curious Clara by Oliwia Ogrodniczak is wonderfully eye-catching and used a range of careers that young girls will likely interact with in their lives but perhaps not always consider for themselves. It has so many future possibilities; you could envisage the next Clara adventure and see young girls embracing her as a role model.  

Stephanie Green, the owner of Dauntless Daughters said: “We create images and stories showing all sorts of women and girls, doing all sorts of bold and amazing things. From women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), explorers, engineers to skater girls and kickboxers: because we are all of it, the whole amazing, diverse universe.

“The world for our girls and young women has become a one dimensional representation of womanhood, an empty collection of teapots and passive dolls. If we want our children to embrace STEM careers then we must show them that we believe they can (and should) be involved in those STEM fields.”

Karen Liddell, Childcare and Education Manager for All About Children Nurseries said: “It is so exciting to see that WorkmATe and Activate Learning are not only championing women in STEM but understand that the early years are so important.

“The collaboration across the college sectors and within the wider business community for this competition has created partnerships and resources that will help us break down stereotypes of what anyone can do before they become taught behaviour.

“I am delighted to be part of this and look forward to a continuing relationship with Dauntless Daughters, WorkmATe and the wider college team.”

Dauntless Daughters have designed a gold medal which will go on the front of the books when printed. They have offered both winners a commercial contract for the books which will now go on to be printed and placed in All About Children nurseries across the country.