Work Experience at Activate Learning

A guide for employers

Each year Activate Learning prepares more than 20,000 people to enter employment and progress in their careers, by working with over 2,000 employers across Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley.

Our students gain a line of sight to employment through a work-related curriculum that equips them with the training, skills, experience and behaviours that employers need. A key component of their programme is gaining practical, real-life work experience.

We invite you to provide a work experience placement in your business for one or more of your local college students.

Students on work experience will achieve objectives set by their college, working under your supervision on tasks that you will have assigned them.
In addition to carrying out the duties within the role, students will also complete activities that are part of their college study programme, such as completing a work experience log.
Placements can vary in length and duration; they can last a week or more on a full-time basis or up to several months on a part-time basis. Your local college manages the placement.
We expect you to give feedback to the student and to us and we ask you to complete a work experience evaluation form.
There is no expectation for you to pay the student. However, if you wish to reimburse travel or lunch expenses, that would be appreciated.
You will have the opportunity to meet the student(s) before confirming the placement.

Work Experience: Employers Handbook


You will:

  • Contribute to the future talent pool for your industry.
  • Benefit from a fresh perspective on your business.
  • Gain extra support for an area of your business.
  • Identify a pipeline of potential future employees.
  • Give your junior staff experience of managing and supervising.
  • Join our community of work experience partners, promoted on our websites.
  • Make a positive impact on a young person’s life.
  • Invest in your local community and make your company a place where your employees are proud to work.

They will:

  • Benefit from experience of applying their learning in a real work context.
  • Hone the skills, behaviours and attributes expected in the workplace.
  • Gain up-to-date experience of industry.
  • Explore the opportunities that could form their future career pathways.

To find out more about work experience, or express an interest, contact a member of the Activate Careers team today!
Call the team: 0800 612 6008