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Fiona Stilwell

Managing Director Activate Apprenticeships

F_Stilwell_Photo.pngFiona Stilwell, Managing Director of Activate Apprenticeships & Business School has over 19 years specialising in the Apprenticeship Sector. Activate Apprenticeships delivers apprenticeships, training and consulting to clients across the UK, with a range of specialisms including engineering and leadership. Being passionate about Apprenticeships Fiona is also a non-executive director of DiVA Apprenticeships and on the board for ALPS (Apprenticeship provider network).

Sharing experience is important to Fiona in continuing to deliver social mobility and productivity for employers in an uncertain market. She demonstrates this through her active involvement in influencing the AoC policy consultations, most recently Provider Earnings Limit and sharing experiences as a lead provider with employers trailblazer groups to develop specialist and higher level engineering Standards.