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Group Executive Director

Group Executive Director and Head of Surrey Colleges

C_Ashby_Photo.pngCheri’s role as an Executive Director and Head of the Activate Surrey Colleges includes responsibility for being the group lead for the merger, transition and integration of previous Guildford College Group into Activate Learning. Cheri is also responsible for the Lifeskills faculty and is strategic lead for Safeguarding for the Group. With over 25 years’ experience in the Further Education sector, Cheri has undertaken a number of different roles, including teacher, course leader, and curriculum manager, Assistant Principal teaching, learning and quality, Head of Campus and most recently as Group Executive Director. Cheri has also been a member of the ATG Board for the past year.

Cheri enjoys being part of a large group committed to transforming lives through education. During her employment at Activate Learning, Cheri has had ongoing opportunities to ‘learn on the job’; she is a champion of Activate Learning’s Philosophy and is delighted that the organisation continues to retain a strong focus on learners, learning, curriculum design and delivery.

In her spare time, Cheri enjoys a number of activities, including travelling (Asia being a particular area of interest), sailing, gardening and reading.