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Dermot Mathias


D_Mathias_Photo.pngSince retiring almost ten years ago, Dermot has been a non-executive director for a number of companies, advised others on individual transactions, chaired a dementia support company, sat on a government board and also been involved in the affairs of his village. In terms of professional experience, Dermot has been involved in both the strategic development and governance of BDO LLP and BDO international, and also advised companies on strategy and major commercial decisions. His position as a non-executive director involves setting up governance procedures, chairing audit committees and acting as the Senior Independent Director when dealing with shareholders and other stakeholders. Dermot is also a member of the Policy Committee of Mainetti Group, a private company with worldwide activities.

Even before Dermot joined Activate Learning as a governor three years ago, he was impressed by what he was told about the culture and management of the institution. He has long believed that too much emphasis has been placed on conventional university education and not enough on preparing students for the world of work.

Aside from his roles as both a governor and non-executive director, Dermot enjoys skiing, bridge, travel and spending time with family, particularly his four grandsons.