Our subcontracting opportunities 2023/24

We are seeking subcontracting partners in relation to the following opportunities. If you are interested, please contact Richard Durston with the title of the opportunity you are enquiring about. You will then be signposted to the relevant faculty team that is managing the contract for initial discovery conversations.

Should you wish to proceed, we will then ask you to complete the due diligence Pre-Qualification Questionnaire Process. On successful completion you will be asked to explain more about how you will undertake delivery by completing our Invitation to Tender documentation. Both the PQQ and ITT will be scored to select the most appropriate partner.

Opportunity: Sports Subcontracting in Surrey (Basketball) 

We are seeking partners to support in the delivery of an elite basketball performance programme in the Guildford area. Partners must be able to provide sporting facilities for approximately 20 16–18-year-old learners including: a full-size basketball court (indoors) and changing rooms.  

Partners will be expected to provide top level coaching staff to develop the basketball skills, and aid with future progression of learners. 

All programmes will be co-delivered with our faculty teams. 

Partners will seek to attract learners from underrepresented demographics and do community outreach work including the provision of work experience for our learners. 

All applicants will demonstrate robust quality assurance practices, health and safety, child protection and safeguarding policies. 

The successful partner will need to work with us within the limitations of the 16–19 funding lagged funding formula whereby successful delivery in 23/24 will lead to lagged funding being received by all parties in 24/25.