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Banbury and Bicester College Virtual Open Event

Welcome to our event! Find out more about our college, courses and support for students, and get your application in for September!

Watch the recording of our live Q&A session

Getting started

Thank you for joining us for our Virtual Open Event for Banbury and Bicester College.

Before you start, please watch the short video below from our School Partner, Anne-Marie Everett, as she explains how to easily navigate the event, the schedule for the day, and how to get in touch with us. 

Download the PDF Virtual Open Event guide


Welcome to Banbury and Bicester College

Watch the video below for an introduction to Banbury and Bicester College from Lisa Briscoe, Head of Campus, covering its amazing facilities, subject areas and support available for students.

Virtual College Tour

Click the picture below to open our college virtual tour in a new window.


Subject areas live Q&A 

If you want to find out more about specific subject areas or courses, our tutors will be available for live-chat Q&A sessions on Microsoft Teams between 4-8pm. Click the links below to explore our faculties and subject areas, see the full Q&A timings and links to join in. 

Academic and Professional Studies - 4:05-4:50pm

The Academic and Professional Studies faculty covers the following pathways:

Pete Reynolds, Academic and Professional Studies Director, explains more about our vocational provision in this video. 

Vocational Courses

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How to apply

Lifestyles - 5-6pm

The Lifestyles faculty covers the following pathways, live Q&A times below each:

Download a PDF presentation overview of the Lifestyles faculty.

Nancy Buckley, Lifestyles Faculty Director, talks more about our Lifestyles career pathways in this video.

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How to apply

Lifeskills - 6:10-6:25pm

The Lifeskills faculty covers the following areas:

Foundation Studies

Our foundation programmes meet the needs of a broad range of learners; from those with special educational needs or disabilities, to those who may have disengaged from learning in the past or not achieved their full potential. 

Learners with Learning Difficulties or Disabilities and Special Educational Needs 

Activate Learning is proud of the outstanding and award-winning Supported Foundation Programmes, which offer students the opportunity to develop in the exciting setting of a mainstream further education college. Find out more here

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How to apply

Creative Industries - 6:30-7:00pm

The Creative Industries faculty covers the following pathways:

Our Faculty Director, Catalina Marin, talks you through all the opportunities available in the Creative Industries faculty at Banbury and Bicester College.

Find out about careers in the Creative Industries (external site)

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How to apply

Technology - 7:00-7:55pm

The Technology faculty covers the following pathways:

In our Technology faculty at Banbury and Bicester College, we have the facilities and expertise to give you the knowledge and tools to excel in your chosen profession. 

Watch the video below from John Kelly, Technology Faculty Director, as he tells us how we can support you and your studies in our technology subject areas.

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How to apply


Careers support 

Not sure about your options? Talk to our dedicated Activate Careers Team! They offer 1-to-1 meetings, help with university and UCAS applications, and interview preparation. In this short video we demystify qualifications and explain how Activate Careers can help you get to where you want to be.


Advice and Admissions, Student Support and Learning Support

Ready for a change of scene from school? Make the switch to college and enjoy the freedom of being yourself in a safe and welcoming environment. Applying to college and studying with us can seem daunting at first, but our Advice and Admissions, Student Support and Learning Support teams are all on hand to make things as smooth and as easy as possible. 

Download the Support for Students PDF

Download the Group Learning Support PDF



If you are looking to do an apprenticeship, Banbury and Bicester College works together with Activate Apprenticeships to help you earn while you learn! We have apprenticeship vacancies in motor vehicle, engineering, business, childcare, construction and education sectors, to name just a few!

For more information, watch our showreel below or visit the Activate Apprenticeships website for more information and a live list of vacancies in your area.


How to apply

Thanks for joining our Banbury and Bicester College Virtual Open Event! We hope that you found it informative and that we answered all of your questions.