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How will you support me?

We are committed to support all Activate Learning students achieve their best, whatever their needs.

Our teaching and learning experience will help you become more employable. This means we will help you develop skills essential for future career success, such as: resilience, teamwork, communication and time management.

A a student, you will be both stretched to develop your abilities and supported in making the most of the challenges and opportunities ahead. 

Join us and you will have the opportunity to discover how far you can go with:

  • advice and help from industry experienced staff
  • support from dedicated coaches
  • access to the latest technology, including Bring your own device and well equipped Learning zones
  • Activate Learning Online (our virtual learning environment), packed full of learning resources, presentations, videos and assignments to help you accelerate your progress
  • support to develop core skills, including English, maths and digital literacy.