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Diversity - faith support

We celebrate equal opportunities and diversity, working to create an inclusive community where everyone can be successful.

Mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs is at the core of what we do. Respect is shown across the whole Activate Learning community - to learners, staff, employers and visitors alike.

We have a culturally rich and diverse population which we are very proud of. We strongly believe that tolerance is gained through knowledge and understanding of our similarities and differences.

As part of this, we promote religious tolerance and understanding. Throughout the year, we arrange and embrace a range of religious and informative events to raise knowledge of faith groups and give everyone the opportunity to participate in a variety of religious celebrations.

College faith services

We support diversity through our:

  • Respect curriculum, delivered through our tutorial programme

  • Faith rooms – allowing a private space for prayer or quiet contemplation on campus, helping you find time and a space for spiritual exploration

We acknowledge that our learners are unique and diverse. Partnerships with external agencies have been built upon to create a wider support network. This helps us all to broaden our horizons by seeking information from members of the community.

These relationships with local faith groups is key in supporting those who require guidance or have questions about faith whilst in college.


Chaplaincy teams are onsite often and are based at Student Support.

The teams, led by Michael J. Penny, visit the colleges to support learners with faith related questions and offer pastoral support.

The chaplaincy teams also organise and support Christian faith events at our colleges. These include:

  • Remembrance Day service
  • Christmas carol service
  • Easter service


Our colleges have local community links with mosques and the islamic community.

Links to local Imams offers students guidance and mentoring for students struggling with choices and needing direction from an experienced member of their community. They are also occasionally onsite to improve relations between faith groups and answer any questions that students may have about the Islamic faith and its teachings.

Other religions

Although we have no external visitors regularly from other religious communities, there are strong links between Activate Learning and local faith groups and we are always looking to expend our community links.

For any enquiries regarding support for those interested in learning more about other religious groups or needing guidance regarding their faith or life choices, support and advice is available.